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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2015 9:30pm-10:01pm PST

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would you all rise please for the pledge of allegiance. >> the pledge of allegiance.
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. >> please call role. >> president loftus lost here. >> vice president turman. >> here. >> commissioner marshall is accused. >> commissioner dejesus. . >> commissioner hwang. >> massachusetts. commissioner mazzucco. >> commissioner melara. >> thank you so much welcome everyone to the police commission meeting it's nice to see everyone here thank you so much for taking time on a wednesday to be with us. please call the first line item. >> action. restraining order.
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>> can i ask kimberly to come forward. >> the recent report by the consensus of disease control and prevention showed that 7.5 million adults are stalked in 1 year and one of the best resources are provided by the cooperate the cooperative clinic. the vast majority of these people have annual incomes under the federal poverty guideline and many of these people would not be able to access the justice system.
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inspect or keen here works with talking victims every day. the sfpd and crock have an excellent working relationship. after obtaining an arrest warrant for the suspect who was stalking his ex girlfriend he quickly received a call coordinating attorney at crock who was serving the suspect with a civil restraining order. the suspect recently pled guilty and is now under a civil restraining record and crock helped that victim obtain. due to these services and the working relationship and the
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fact that inspector keen took the time to get my attention we asked kimberly cross here. the san francisco police department recognizes the restraining order clinic. such an example of dedication is worthy of the highest he esteem [applause]. >> the chief is going to come down and give you the certificate and if you want to share a few words, we'd appreciate it. >> it's a real plaque i thought it was going to be like a piece of paper. thank you. with me here tonight i'd like
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to introduce the crock staff attorney and legal assistant and norma's daughter natalie who helps us with child care at the clinic. we want to thank you for this recognition it truly means a lot to us. the results are better all around. we are better able together to meet the needs of victims and we're better able to hold perpetrators accountable and especially thank inspector john keen who we have worked closely and on a number of cases as you just heard and we never hesitate in referring stalking victims to the sfpd because we know those cases will end up on the desk of this gentleman and be in very good hands. thank you again for this and if there's ever anything that we can do to
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be of assistance to you please feel free to contact us. i think i'm going to cry now so i think i'm going to sit down. >> commissioner hwang if if you can stay for one moment. >> i've worked with them and saw them in court this morning and this honor is well deserved and in addition to the work they do in the courts they are really in personal peril. i've seen a lot of hostile situations diffused by them and they are very committed to the work they do and it's very it's very well deserved. >> thank you for bringing it to the commission we absolutely believe this is how we're more safe when the police department works so well with the community organization there's
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really a model for keeping our community safe it's not just the police or the community organizations but it's really a partnership. >> it's pretty much been said the organization do an excellent job and help countless number of people and it does take a team effort like you said and advocates for the victims and the police department it takes everybody to make this system work especially in the field of stalking which is very difficult to investigate and eventually get a prosecution. >> special thanks to natalie for the child care as a mother of 3 i know how important that is thank you everyone i think we're trying to have a photo moment and on top of her other duties is a photographer today. takes a team, right?
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>> all right. any public comment on the awarding of that certificate? okay. hearing none, public comment is now closed. please call the next line item. >> action for the meetings of december december 3rd and december 3rd and tenth of 2014 and january january 7th, 2015. >> i move to approve. >> you read them so you are ahead of me commissioner. you do have a packet of minutes in your packet and i assume you have read them. any questions on them? any public comment on our minutes. hearing none public comment is now closed do i have a motion? all those in favor? those opposed the motion carries. >> line item 3 consent calendar. request of officer
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glenn ortega for approval to accept the isaiah nelson spirit award trophy for his actions and serena ng to accept a bottle of red wine from an individual at the san francisco airport. sfpdocc document protocol 4th quarter 2014. >> again you have the items in your packet. are there any questions regarding the consent calendar. >> i would comment officer ortega a young child was choking on a hot dog and he had the presence of mind to essentially
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save the child's life. >> and for the public to know the bottle of wine is from somebody that was going to lose it through security at the airport. >> hearing none public comment is now closed do i have a motion? >> so moved. >> second? >> all those in favor the item passes. >> the public is now welcome to address the the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but within the jurisdiction of the commission. and. during public comment comment. >> police and occ personnel should rerefrain however from
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entering into any debates or discussions with any speakers. please hold your comments to to 3 minutes. thank you. >> okay public comment. >> good evening i'm the legal director of the aclu and i submitted a letter to the commission that i think was distributed to the commission and the police chief. i'm here because to express aclu's concern with what we saw on the video and what we know about the incident last week when the the the police offices were photographing 2 young african-american men and ended up arresting their lawyer who challenged the police and i don't have all of the details and i'm not here to judge the pending criminal charges but it seemed to us that this commission and i hope and the
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department, share our concern at the site which i think caused a lot of outrage and i'm sure it caused a particular sense of outrage and concern in communities of color, where, as we all know in this country and even in this city young men feel harassed and feel they are being stopped and what we're seeing in the video was 2 young men who had come to court had appeared were up against the wall being photographed by the police and when their lawyer lawyer questioned that they were being photographed without her being present she was arrested and carted away so what is happening out in the community where there are no lawyers present and there are no videos. i think that this is relevant to this commission because one of your duties is
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to make sure to adopt guidelines and general orders that guide the police, control the police discretion and over the years a number of these general orders have been adopted that actually go beyond the constitutional rights that are involved that's something this city has done and an example is going to come up in agenda five dealing with the guidelines for activities and i think police chiefs have often worked in enforcing those and they are very important and i think this incident raises questions of do the police have a practice of photographing people in courtrooms when attorneys appear, attorneys have like everyone else a first amendment right to challenge the police and question the police as it appeared this public defender was doing and putting aside the
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question of whether it was legal whether there was reasonable suspicion to detain this individual i think are policy issues that should be of concern and okay and so that's why i'm here and i hope -- i'm not sure what the next step is. i'm available to talk more about this and i'll probably be in touch with some of you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> hello. my name is rita lark and i'm a resident of northridge place i sent the chief a letter about the store clerk that works at 6:00 a.m. he likes to observe you shopping and plus he works the cash the cashier box. his
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sister lives one door away from me always running to either the boyfriend or some other person coming back to north beach place. he's been hiding out at 567 bay street have their little gang members observe everything from safe way to wal greens scomb the parking lot and it doesn't make any sense that nobody has to live like that and north beach place sent me a letter talking about compliants. i'm not out of compliance to putting an alarm system in my house i've had problems with their maintenance man and i have a meeting date with them next wednesday i i haven't even torn that house up if anything i brought it up to code. like i said i'm kind of up in rings about that i've had
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nothing but all kinds of problems with them. i had a dishwasher that loosened they didn't have no work order to keep coming into my house they were trying to turn it into a dope house one time i walked into my house and all i smelled was dope before i got in there so it's an ongoing problem so if you are talking about complaints those employees should have been gone last year thank you. >> thank you so much. thank you miss lark. next speaker? >> good evening my name is tom. please don't give me so much information to work with every time i come you seem to give me a lot of information. it's not a good thing. okay. number 1, how are we doing on on the
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corrupt cop camps? you have had 9 months to work on them. la and london has them we agree that sfpd sgs that sfpd so get the badge cams. so start with captain out in ingle side they do it right they will be eager for the badge cams and you know they are needed in the mission station especially and speaking of that 3 officers convicted in december 1st of them said the reason he did his crimes was because it was commonplace in the mission station -- hmm what happened there? did the internal affairs department do anything about that? no. did the california attorney general
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do anything about it? no. excuse me for getting a little worked up. the police corruption works you up especially when you are a victim of it and district attorney corruption is no better so the question is what are you doing with the badge cams that was number 1 and i 1 and i watched the news on channel 2 the other night and i heard them talking about the big problem over there is the homeless the big problem in the castro are the corrupt cronies who are criminals. you have one of scott weiner's biggest supporters not only killed the person but burned the body and has been arrested for a series of arsons s. the criminal
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cronies of the board of supervisors in the castro in particular. i can give you a list of names and now it's got weiner's people they are all criminals and they think they can do whatever they want because they are friends of the supervisor and now the organized criminals have figured it out so that's why we had 4 people measured in one setting and one was chopped into pieces he looks like charles manson i'm sure it's a coincidence. >> thank you next speaker. >> this is my first time at a police commission meeting it's so interesting.
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>> i live near third street in the bayview i live on a block played with high problems of drug dealing prostitution garbage and shooting in the past year at least 4 shootings and most recently about 2 weeks ago there was a death. i'm not a passive neighbor and not many people on my block we have educated ourselves about our responsibilities and rights and worked together to communicate with the police and to be clear about who is and who is not a problem on the block my husband is a 6-foot 7 black man and is regularly harassed i'm very cautious. we
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do want the police there. i want to make sure however when they come to our neighborhood, that they are respectful of everyone on the block i want them to understand most of all that their actions have impact and make reverberations beyond the given moment and i don't want to solve the problem just by moving out of the neighborhood they are neighbors who have been here for generations but we want to to move out is the the people that come onto our block like it's a business place to sell drugs. i'd like neighbors that do not draw gunfire and other dangers i joined the initiative board our neighborhood garden not to just focus on growing green things but to see how the garden can continue to be a
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source of strength and beauty and most of all health for the larger community and to be in public spaces together is what the garden represents to me. it is why i chose this street to live on and why i remain a proud san franciscan even though i see my block and neighborhood struggling with poverty and violence and i hopefully with the folks over at san francisco state that are talking about coming into the neighborhood to develop strategies and end this violence please do not forget about the people who live in the bayview thank you. >> thank you so much. next speaker. >> i see supervisor cohen and our public defender here so happy to recognize you all. >> thank you very much commissioners thank you. it's
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good to see you. you heard briefly from one of my constituents and i come before you to set the framework on why we're here and i first want to extend and set the tone and let you know that everyone that serves in public service i understand i'm with you and your partner and it's not easy thank you thank you for your service, thank you. back in september i asked for an audit of all of our violence prevention services i have a copy for the record of this report and for those in the audience, this is a policy analyst's report from the analyst's office it's online if you contact my office i'll make sure you get a copy of it this report uncovered a lot of useful information about what our city is doing when it comes
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to preventing violence over the last 5 years we spent at least over 208 million dollars on violence prevention services in in 5 years in 1 year alone last fiscal year we spent fifty $50 million so that says to me we have the commitment and the resources and we're spending them to help combat this violence the report also highlights that even given all of the dollars that we're spending that there's no method in place to determine whether all of our efforts to prevent violence are effective or not effective meaning in our daily lives we have ways to evaluate where we're spending our money and resources and if we're doing a good job and this report calls out over the 9 city departments receiving this taxpayer money that there's no coordination there's no coordination. last week there were 3 homicides in the southeast. one thing that's
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become evident is a lion's share is allocated toward the mission in san francisco. i'm not here to pit one neighborhood against another. but with public safety and as much violence that we're seeing in the southeast and i'd throw out district five and the fillmore western edition, we need to make sure we're being smart about how we're spending these resources and this is not this one body's responsibility it's collectively all of ours including the mayor's office and department head staff all of whom were part of a hearing i i think this information is critical that you be informed about where we're spending these resources last year we lost 45 lives to acts of violence and this year the first month of the year we've
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already lost 13 lives and at this track we're on track to surpass this number by the by the end of 2015 and i think i'm sharing a like mind and heart in this room we just can't accept that and we are truly as great of a city a city as we say we are we have a lot of work to do so this current epidemic of violence in our cities threatens not only our physical health but our families and communities and social institutions and everything we partake in in this city our healthcare system as well. the violence that we're seeing is not only limited just to gun violence we're also seeing excessive rates of car break-in's and home break-in's and robberies and there are absolutely
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critical questions that i have on conviction rates and charges that are going through his office but i'm also here to really impress upon you that i'm not here to point the finger i think it's all within our best interests and responsibility even the folks that have come here for public comment to be mindful to be vigilant and pay attention and i'm here to uplift the eighty thousand constituents that i represent their concerns we're definitely missing something i've got e-mails i wanted to turnover to you it's just a small stack but representative of some some of the concerns i'm hearing about car break-in's and for the record i represent the bayview and visitation valley and dog patch and each one of the corners is certainly touched by crime and not to say it doesn't touch
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everyone's lives but i'm particularly here to work on behalf of my constituents. chief, you foe the bayview i know it's a special place in your heart and you have i know a special commitment and i'm grateful for that and whether it's all hands on deck you saturate the neighborhood and i want you to know neighbors do appreciate and welcome it. and in 2013 there were over 400 calls for service around mendale plaza a small plaza. we've tried to act creatively with gospel music and chess and art and third on third and art installations i mean we're also building 12 thousand new homes in the shipyard and support the merchants along the corridor there's a lot of exciting
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momentum that's happening that's coming down and sweeping south down third third street but i'm concerned that that that he we just don't have enough officers and as you know i voted every year to support academy classes and i'll continue to to do that to do that as we continue to turn out talented young people and there's a couple of things i want to bring to your attention not only have i called an audit on the city violence prevention services but also a request for a hearing just on police staffing levels as our city continues to expand we might need to revisit that 1971 charter mandate. >> our populations are growing and we need to make sure it's commisurate with the police force it's really critical. just this past tuesday that was
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yesterday i couldn't just yesterday i had the second reading on the gun violence prevention task force. this legislation passed unanimously with the support of my colleagues even a couple of my naysayers that's always nice when your haters say oh yeah that's a good idea. so the task force is going to be used as a vehicle to help coordinate and strengthen some of the resources that i described earlier the public defender's office was part of this hearing i'm glad to see jeff here and i've introduced the hearing as to the result of the climate we're living in this is post prop 47 these are all general conversation happening but not coordinated so i'm bringing these issues and concerns to you madam clerk. these are e-mails that i want to just


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